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Top 10 Vastu tips for your sweet home

Top 10 vastu tips for your home

Certainly! Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural and design system that aims to enhance the positive energy flow in a living space. Here are the top 10 Vastu tips for your home:

  1. Entrance Placement: Ensure that the main entrance to your home is in the auspicious directions of north, east, or northeast. These directions are believed to attract positive energy, prosperity, and good luck into the house.
  2. Living Room Placement: Place the living room in the northeast or north direction of the house. Avoid placing heavy furniture in the center of the room to allow for a free flow of positive energy.
  3. Bedroom Location: The master bedroom is ideally located in the southwest direction of the house. Avoid placing the bed directly under a beam, and keep electronic devices to a minimum to promote restful sleep.
  4. Kitchen Placement: Position the kitchen in the southeast corner of the house. Ensure that the person cooking faces east, as this is considered auspicious and promotes positive energy in the kitchen.
  5. Colors and Décor: Choose soothing and balanced colors for different rooms. For example, use light shades in the bedroom for a calming effect and vibrant colors in the living room to enhance social interactions.
  6. Avoid Clutter: Clutter can disrupt the flow of positive energy. Keep your home organized and decluttered to allow for the free movement of energy throughout the space.
  7. Natural Light and Ventilation: Ensure that your home receives ample natural light and ventilation. Open windows regularly to allow fresh air to circulate, creating a positive and healthy living environment.
  8. Mirrors Placement: Place mirrors on the north or east walls to enhance the flow of positive energy. Avoid placing mirrors directly opposite the bed, as it is believed to affect sleep negatively.
  9. Vastu-Friendly Plants: Consider placing indoor plants, especially in the northeast and east corners of your home. Plants are believed to bring positive energy and good fortune.
  10. Water Features: If possible, install a small water feature or fountain in the northeast direction. Flowing water is associated with wealth and prosperity in Vastu, and it can enhance the positive energy in your home.

Remember that while Vastu principles can offer guidelines for creating a harmonious living space, individual preferences and practical considerations should also be taken into account when arranging your home. It’s essential to strike a balance between Vastu principles and personal comfort to create a home that is both energetically positive and functional.